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The winner is…

So all votes have been counted and I can reveal that there is not just 1 winner (I must be more irritating than I thought). So the overall outcome was… 1) My moaning and 2) My mood swings To back this up without my lovely, delightful moaning, you wouldn’t have had all my irritation posts! … Continue reading

Damn you fake tan.

Last time I got a spray tan I was orange to say the least… 3 showers and a bath later the colour stripped it self down a bit and I was a nice golden brown colour which everyone commented on. However to get to that tan it took some doing. I quite simply do not … Continue reading

Time to vote…

As you may be aware on my previous post,  I mentioned how it was time for you’s to get your own back on me. I’ve asked my friends and family to tell me there top 5 irritations I have. I have now come out with the top 5, but now its down to you guys … Continue reading

Just another fad diet?!?

I’ll admit i’m a sucker when it comes to the latest celeb fad diet. I’ve tried everyting from the “Atkins” diet to the “Maple Syrup” diet, which showed results but were hard work. So when reading the weekly “More!” magazine this week, there was a new craze for the “Rodical Tummy Tuck Sticks” which was is their … Continue reading

Mother… Just don’t talk to me.

When i’m in a bad mood, plain and simple and for your own safety, just leave me the hell alone. Do not attempt to speak to me or try and make me happy because your wasting your time and effort and i’m a stubborn little madam and will not crack a smile. However it has come … Continue reading

Consider our poor little feet please…

Guess who’s back after having a week off , I hope you haven’t missed me much 🙂 So after a full weekend of partying (thursday-tuesday) this is my weeks irritation! No it is not the state of my skin after all the alcohol I have consumed but my feet, my poor poor feet due to … Continue reading

Well that’s just backwards!

As of monday, I have 13 weeks to get skinny for my girls holiday, going on my jolly hols with 3 very skinny girls is kinda taking the excitment out of it for the minute and putting pressure on me to fight the fat. So for the past 2 weeks I started my strict, and … Continue reading

Get it right … it’s CHEWING GUM!!

Another week, and yet another irritation has popped to say hello and bug the hell outta me… no surprise there then! So I was at work the other night, stuffing my face with some spicy crisps mmmmmm. However after i’d finshed I decided my mouth tasted a little funny but didn’t have any chewing gum … Continue reading

Theres telling a story and than there’s you!!

I have a friend (don’t worry I don’t just have the one friend), who goes by the name of Rachel Hall, and yes I am publicly naming and shaming her because she is my big fat irriation this week… sorry Rae! When Rachel tells you a story… by God she tells you a novel. A … Continue reading

Move over mate!

Yesterday morning, was just one of those mornings to put it plain and simple. Running late alreadly, I left for uni, only to be greeted by a van parked outside my garage. Great! First irritation right there. WHY park infront of a garage?!? There’s only two garage’s in the lane and people persist on parking their vehicles infront of … Continue reading